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Monday, June 1, 2009

love compatibility

LEO and VIRGO compatibility

Leo mystifies you; with Leo, there is intrigue and the combination of the Leo Sun with your Mercury could blend into an incandescent effect. There is attraction, but the relationship could feature clandestine meetings, secret maneuvers and possibly involve you in scandal. Leo affects that part of your chart related to secrets, restrictions and illicit romance. Money is involved and the "good life" is lived. You might, as a matter of fact, live it up so much that practical affairs are neglected. Much is hidden in this relationship: you may become enamored of Leo at a time when you are not free to meet openly or be seen together. Somehow, Virgo, the relationship with Leo affects you in this manner: there are deceptions, a third person involved, secrets.

Listen: there is much to favor your association with Leo. Your sense of beauty, and art is enhanced. You learn and can be inspired. You can add to your possessions and you could marry Leo. But, like many other relationships, this one certainly contains its share of complications. Leo sparks your intellectual curiosity; you want to know the why of Leo. You investigate and you often take the initiative in getting the relationship off the ground. You soon learn how much flattery means to Leo. With your quick, mercurial mind you detect the Leo flaws as well as assets. Leo's romantic nature and highly developed imagination haunt you. You may try to forget, but putting Leo completely out of your mind is no easy assignment. Leo could help you in television, motion pictures. Leo could aid you in organizing special clubs, and groups. You could succeed in making personal appearances with Leo. The two signs make each other look good. You could do much worse than Leo. But, despite the good times, an air of apprehension is apt to linger. Keep your guard up; the Leo charm could throw your for a loss as well delight you

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